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(We open on a beautiful silent day in a small beautiful suburban area with both a combination of a present modern day and futuristic look. When we slowly pan up to reveal a huge modern day/futuristic city sitting in the center of a beautiful small modern day/futuristic town surrounding it. No sound, except for a soft blowing wind)

Four years ago, in another dimension of Onett....

(Silence remains, then the soft blowing wind sound ends, then a small white light flickers and appears in the center of the city itself. Then, in silence, the light slowly enveloped the city into a shape of a dome, then into the town as it grew bigger, and finally, right into the camera, blinding the screen into a white screen. Then it slowly crossfades, revealing the city, town, and suburban areas now overcome by a lot of black slime-like substance residue with some red shine all over by the light. Then the black substances were bubbling powerfully, as if it were powered up by something, yet we don't know and see it yet. Suddenly, they exploded a powerful explosion, yet there's no sound. and after the explosion's light slowly died down, the black substances revealed some mysterious shadowy menacing-looking figures. Then the figures spotted the camera, seeing something in the town area, and then blasted a powerful blast at the screen, turning it into a white screen. Then we crossfade into a now post-apocalyptic city, town, and suburban area, with a bunch of black substance flowing around it like a river, as a powerful drumbeat plays in the background on cue of the appearance of this subtitle below)

Four years later....

(Then as the powerful drumbeats continued beating a single note in every five seconds, we slowly zoom away from the city, revealing the entire area has now become a deserted wasteland also with some black substance acting as lakes, rivers, and an ocean. Then the drumbeats ended we fade to black again, silence, then slowly crossfade into a starry area of outer space. And then a female narration of a little girl’s voice was heard, reading a scroll text that is slowly panning up the the top of the screen)

Female voice: (Voice-over) Four years ago, a dimension called Onett was once a peaceful metropolis, until a mysterious evil alien warlord attacked the city with a powerful substance he created that mysteriously feeds upon powerful negative emotions such as hatred and anger. The people of Onett were powerless to stop it. Some were killed upon the successful conquest, others enslaved, and the rest became a rebellion that fought for justice, hoping to find a way to stop the alien warlord and defeat him. In the following four years in their waging battle against the alien warlord’s menace, the rebellion eventually discovered the negative-feeding substance's weakness. However, the alien warlord caught wind of their discovery and destroyed all their sources involving that weakness, resulting in the genocidal death of the rebellions. However, unknown to the alien warlord and his army, six rebels of the rebellion survived the genocide by escaping, and they made an eventual, and miraculous, discovery involving their hope of a better future in the form of a tiny mysterious iridescent jeweled box. found and then stolen by the alien warlord and his army. And the only way they can do it, is to infiltrate the enemy's base, find the stolen box, and escape to another dimension for help in opening that box. But little did they know, the alien warlord has plans involving the other dimension they plan to head for....

(Then as soon as the panning scroll text has finished, we then crossfade to black again, and then....)

Six months later, on Earth....

(Then we see a sidewalk with a small crack in the center. Suddenly, a tiny glob of black slime-like substance with the red shine from the last scene slowly oozes out of the crack and then, camouflaging with the red shine, a tiny pair of blood red eyes appeared and then noticing something approaching, the eyes vanished and then a wheel of a baby carriage was gently pushed by over the puddle. As it did so, an invisible transparent figure with the eyes slowly merged into the carriage's wheel. Then as soon as the carriage gently went by, the black slime puddle drained back into the crack, leaving no trace behind, right on cue as a couple of a pair of feet walked by, revealing to be Kiki and Tombo Witherspoon themselves, both 13 and a half years old and 14 years old respectively now, with Kiki gently pushing the baby carriage and Tombo carrying some paper bags containing their groceries, and Jiji, himself, is sitting on Kiki's right shoulder, and all three of them are giving soft calm casual smiles. And Kiki and Tombo are both wearing outer winter attires, for it is a very cold, yet beautiful, winter day outside. Kiki's winter attire is a pink long-sleeved knee-length snow coat with an Eskimo hood and fluffy white trimming, white gloves, turquoise green snow pants, and teal green snow boots. And Tombo's winter attire is now a brown long-sleeved snow coat, white earmuffs with a white band, a dark green snow sockhat, orange mittens, brown snow pants, an orange scarf, and black snow boots)

Duckburg/St. Canard, Saturday, December 26th, 1998

(As they approached their apartment building with their baby carriage and groceries, they are watching some citizens doing their usual businesses. They even walked by a police officer angrily arguing with a man over a parking ticket)

Man 1: (Angrily) Ticket, my foot! You can have this ticket and keep it! I'm not paying that ticket!

(Then they see another man rush by, almost knocking aside a woman with a broken leg in crutches)

Woman in crutches: (To the other man, angrily) You stupid jerk! Why don't you watch where you're going here?!

(The second man who ran by just ignored her as he continued running off. Seeing this, Kiki, Tombo, and Jiji just rolled their eyes in annoyance, for there is no harmony in those moments, especially the day after the holidays)

Jiji: (Nonchalantly) Apparently, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Kiki: (Agreeing) Let alone some people being rude.

(Then they approached the front door of their apartment building to find Kiki's parents, Okino and Kokiri Witherspoon themselves, also dressed in outer winter attires, happily chatting away with another man. Okino's winter attire is a red long-sleeved snow coat, a light blue snow kangol hat, a red scarf, blue snow pants, light blue mittens, and brown snow boots. And Kokiri's winter attire is a blue long-sleeved knee-length snow coat with an Eskimo hood and fluffy cyan trimming, light blue snow pants, cyan mittens, and black snow boots)

Okino: (Laughs a bit) You obviously did a lot of homework when it comes to our building's boiler.

Man 3: Thank you.

(Kiki, Tombo, and Jiji arrived up to them cheerfully and Tombo handed the groceries to the third man)

Tombo: Hey, guys!

Kiki: We got our neighbor's groceries, as requested.

Jiji: Along with our groceries.

Man 3: (Accepting his groceries from Tombo) Aw, thank you, guys. You, Kiki, are the best magic delivery service witch we ever have in my whole life.

Kiki: (Proudly) Well, I always usually deliver with a song and a smile.

Man 3: And didn't you and Tombo just recently have two babies last week?

Kiki: Yeah. Twins, actually.

Jiji: Tucker and Molly Witherspoon.

(They looked at the inside of the baby carriage, and sure enough, inside the carriage itself, are two happy twin babies, a boy and a girl, revealed to be Tucker and Molly Witherspoon, giving some cute coos. Tucker is a newborn baby boy with short light brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a diaper, a red short-sleeved shirt, a pair of blue overall pants with silver buttons, pale green socks, and red baby-sized sneakers, and his outer winter attire is a light blue long-sleeved one-piece snowsuit with an Eskimo hood and fluffy white trimming, pale green mittens, and blue snow boots. And Molly is a newborn baby girl with short light brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a diaper, a pink hair ribbon just like her mother's, except smaller like a headband, a white short-sleeved shirt, a pair of pink overall pants with gold buttons, light yellow socks, and baby pink baby-sized sneakers, and her winter attire is a light pink long-sleeved one-piece snowsuit with an Eskimo hood and fluffy white trimming, light yellow mittens, and pink snow boots)

Man 3: I see they are looking good.

Tombo: Indeed.

Kokiri: They are cute.

Okino: Even a handful, but hey, they're good kids.

(They chuckle a bit. Then Kiki and Tombo remembered something)

Tombo: Oh! Speaking of our babies, did you fix the radiator leading to their room?

Kiki: We asked you to do that while we were out.

Man 3: (Confused at first) Radia...? (Realizes, then happily nods) Oh, yes! It's all fixed. No more cold air.

Kiki and Tombo: (Relieved in gratitude) Oh, thank you so much!

(Tombo and the man shake hands)

Tombo: We are so grateful!

Man 3: No problem! Have a good day.

Tombo, Jiji, and Witherspoons: We will!

(Then the man goes inside the apartment building with his grocery bags full of his groceries. Then Tombo and the Witherspoons prepared to go inside with their groceries and the baby carriage containing Tucker and Molly as well)

Kokiri: You know, most people like him sure are friendly.

Okino: Even if there are some unfriendly rude ones.

Kiki, Tombo, Jiji, and Kokiri: (Nods) True.

(Then as Tombo hands their groceries to Okino, who gladly accepted, he got ready to pull his and Kiki's apartment door key. As they did so, they smiled sentimentally)

Tombo: It seemed like yesterday Kiki and I got married and then having Molly and Tucker here.

Kokiri: With all our friends attending it.

Okino: And boy, was it fun.

Kiki: It was more than fun. It was romantic.

Jiji: And that wedding blessed you both with these two little ang....

(He suddenly got cut off calmly when he noticed something about the carriage in confusion, much to Kiki, Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri's confusion)

Tombo and Witherspoons: (Confused) What?

Jiji: (Confused) Is it just me or did the carriage move a few inches away from us?

(Noticing with Jiji on what he's talking about, Kiki, Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri looked at the carriage. Inside, Tucker and Molly lay there, giving calm clueless smiles, with Molly giving a yawn. Then Kiki, Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri noticed Jiji is right; The carriage had, indeed, moved a few inches away. As they approached a few inches towards the carriage in confusion, Kiki, with Jiji still on her right shoulder, was about to reach out and gently grab the carriage's handle when suddenly, to their calm surprise, the carriage moved a few inches away by itself)

Kiki, Tombo, Jiji, Okino, and Kokiri: (Calmly surprised and perplexed) A ghost?

(Suddenly as Kiki, with Jiji still on her right shoulder, walked up to the carriage again, the carriage slowly started to roll away, as if being pushed away by an invisible force. As Kiki started to walk a little faster towards it, the carriage suddenly started to speed up slowly, getting away from her. Surprise slowly turning into horror and concern, Kiki, with Jiji on her right shoulder still, and even Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri started to run after it, although Okino quickly stopped upon realizing he's still carrying the groceries and then quickly deposited them next to their apartment building's entrance and then joined in the chase)

Kiki: (Calling out to some bystanders while running in concern) Hey! Somebody stop that carriage! Stop it!

(Hearing her, some people, upon noticing the runaway carriage with all the other people seeing this in shock and surprise, immediately rushed in to grab it, but the carriage swerved into another direction, avoiding getting caught. Inside the carriage, Tucker and Molly shuddered in calm delight, having fun on this "Ride," completely unaware of the danger they're in. The desperate chase continued)

Tombo: (Calling out while running in concern) That's mine and Kiki's babies! Help!

Jiji: (Calling out in concern) Don't just stand there, help!

Okino: (Calling out while running in concern) Watch out and help!

Kiki: (Calling out to Tucker and Molly while running in concern) Tucker, Molly, look out!

Tombo: (Calling out to Tucker and Molly in agreement while running in concern) Hang on, kids!

Kokiri: (Running in concern) My god!

(The runaway carriage then swerved away from a teenage jock boy riding by on his bicycle, knocking him down, much to his shock and surprise. As the boy recovered, he, along with Kiki and Tombo, jumped at the runaway carriage to stop it, but missed, landing on the sidewalk. As they got up in recovery along with the shocked and concerned boy, Kiki and Tombo resumed to give chase with Okino and Kokiri as more people noticed in shock, surprise, and concern)

Kiki: (Calling out while running in concern) Stop that carriage, please!

(Then finally, turning onto a street called Vandrake Lane, the runaway carriage swerved onto the street, avoiding some driving cars, their horns beeping in desperation by the drivers who avoided hitting the carriage. Then finally, right in the middle of the street, the runaway carriage started to charge towards an approaching bus. Seeing this, Kiki, Tombo, Jiji, Okino, and Kokiri stopped in a panic, screaming a bit and helpless to stop it)

Kiki: (Screaming out in concern to her and Tombo's babies) TUCKER, MOLLY!!

(Then, as if reacting to the screaming, the unseen invisible transparent figure finally skidded the carriage to a stop in the middle of the street in pain, right near the bus driving by, and then secretly retreated out of the carriage’s wheels and right into the street, towards something underground beneath the carriage. And sure enough, the bus drove by, leaving the carriage and its giggling baby passengers alive and unharmed. Relieved in concern, Kiki, with Jiji still on her right shoulder, Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri rushed out into the street due to the cars stopping due to them spotting the carriage in the middle of the street, especially since they saw it moving on its own a moment ago. As soon as they approached the carriage, Kiki and Tombo picked up Molly and Tucker respectively in relief and concern as the twin babies finished their happy giggles)

Kiki: (Relieved) Molly, Tucker....

Tombo: (Relieved) Thank God....

(Kiki then happily sobbed a bit in relief as she hugged Molly tight in a gentle way in her arms)

Kiki: (Sobs happily) You scared us half to death!

(Then after composing herself and finishing her hug with Molly, Kiki, along with Jiji, Tombo, Okino, and Kokiri, got calmly concerned and confused as she and Tombo continued to hold Molly and Tucker respectively)

Jiji: What the heck was that about?

Tombo: What could’ve pushed it?

Okino: Was it a ghost?

(Kiki and Kokiri felt calmly concerned)

Kokiri: Possibly more than just a ghost. Kiki and I sensed it, yet it's an unknown presence.

Kiki: (Agreeing) Something that seemed familiar....

Kokiri: Something evil and dark....

(Hearing them, Tombo, Jiji, and Okino got calmly concerned)

Tombo: This is one big mystery.

(Hearing him say that, Kiki, Jiji, Okino, and Kokiri immediately remembered something calmly. Noticing that, Tombo immediately remembered something calmly as well in agreement. They nod and with that, headed back to their apartment building’s direction with Tucker, Molly, and the baby carriage in tow. Then we crossfade to black and then....)

The Great Mouse Detective Parodies Studios present....

The Great Duck Detective 2: The Legend of the Dimensional Worlds

Coming up: While their friends in the form of a certain Keyblade-wielding group of a certain detective team performed a successful fun holiday skydiving fundraiser for the Quack Doctor Hospital, a certain mutant water dog, in his normal anthro dog form for now, hosting a TV stage show regarding the weird and bizarre psychic wonders, and a certain group of kids also part of the detective team having their snowboarding and ice-skating fun through the fun streets of Duckburg and St. Canard, a certain mutant electrokinetic rat and mutant wackiness-loving duck enjoy a certain 8 year old girl's birthday party they were hired to entertain at. Also during all of this, Kiki's group turns to a certain crimefighting duck detective and his team, among them a mutant plant/duck hybrid, in his normal anthro duck form for now, for help on the runaway baby carriage case.