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(Just then, there was a knock at the door. Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua got up from their chairs with Cream, Cheese, Kiki, Jiji, and Tombo and gasped, wondering if that is Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra)

Morgana: (Gasps) Oh, dear!

Kairi: That might be them now!

Kiki: Remember our encouragement and advice!

Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua: Got it!

(Eek quickly brought up a mirror in front of Megara’s face)

Megara: (Fiddling with her hair) How do I look? Is my hair okay?

Aqua: (Agreeing quickly and a little excitedly) Meg, your hair's okay along with mine!

Marina: (Looking at her feathers) Are my feathers preened?

Morgana, Kairi, Megara, And Aqua: (Scoldingly) Marina!

Marina: (Apologetically) Sorry.

(Morgana took her spider, dipped him in some face powder and patted him on her face several times. She looked in the mirror dizzily before she and the other girls heard knocking on the door again)

Aqua: We got it, we got it!

(All five girls rushed to the door, with Morgana dropping her spider, dizzily. The spider sneezed from all that face powder)

Morgana: (Wearily) Ho, hum, now who could these be?

(As soon as Morgana recovered from her dizziness, Morgana’s group opened the door. To their shock and surprise as they gasped, they saw....)

Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua: (Surprised) Negaduck?! (Vanitas?!) (Ratigan?!) (Drake?!) (Pitch?!)

(Cheese, Jiji, Eek, and Squeak got so scared that they ran and/or flew away and hid behind Cream and Kiki and in Morgana’s hair respectively while Kiki’s group got shocked as Morgana’s group is)

Kiki: Why are you five here?!

Morgana: And what are you five doing here, you…?! You…?! Villains?!

Negaduck: Oh, villains no more, our dear ladies.

Vanitas: (Kissing Kairi’s hand, much to her disgust) We have refor-med.

Kairi: (Scoffs, yanks her hand away) We find that hard to believe from creepy people like you!

(Negaduck, Vanitas, Ratigan, Drake, and Pitch pretended to be calmly perplexed)

Negaduck, Vanitas, Ratigan, Drake, and Pitch: (In pretend perplexed reaction) "Hard to believe" you say?

Drake: What we're saying is the totally honest-to-God truth.

Ratigan: True we were always a thorn on each of our sides, but....

Pitch: I'm sure you could find it in your hearts to see and hear the sincerity in our voices.

Marina: (Rolls her eyes in annoyance) Oh, please!

Megara: That is, by far, the lamest excuse in the book for a group of villains like you to gain sympathy.

(A short pause, then Negaduck and Drake became sad and pretended to be on the verge of crying as they and even the calm saddened and hurtful Vanitas, Ratigan, and Pitch, after the latter closed the door upon entering last, entered Morgana's house and went over to the living room couch)

Drake: (Pretending to start to cry, lets out a fake sob) Oh, woe is us five men.

Pitch: (Pretending to be on the verge of crying) We expected this from the others.

Negaduck: (Pretending to start to cry, looks at Morgana) But you....

(He lays frontside on the couch in pretend sadness, pretending to start to cry with Drake while Vanitas, Ratigan, and Pitch, pretending to become calmly tearful, stood next to the couch as Ratigan pulls his handkerchief out and pretends to wipe the fake tears from his eyes)

Negaduck: (Pretending to start to cry) You once were a criminal, Morgana.

Vanitas: (Pretending to be on the verge of crying calmly) So, how could you accuse us of making this kind of a so-called excuse?

Ratigan: (Pretending to sniffle and wipe his fake tears away with his handkerchief) That would completely make you, along with the other girls, a hypocrite.

(Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua approached them in calm suspicion during this, and when the subject of Morgana formally being a criminal came up, the five girls calmly melted their anger away in surprise, giving calm surprised looks that reads "Come to think of it, that is a good point." Cream, Cheese, Kiki, Jiji, and Tombo, on the other hand, just gave calm flat looks, knowing full well that the five "Reformed" villains' "Sob story" is a bunch of bologna just to woo Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua into trusting them and, possibly worst of all, fall in love with them instead of reconciling with Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra)

Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch: (Pretending to start crying) If you don't trust us, who will?

(Then the five villains pretended to break down crying, with Negaduck and Drake being the only villains pretending to cry their eyes out hysterically and hitting and kicking the couch and floor near the couch respectively as if throwing a tantrum while Vanitas and Pitch just laid their heads by their foreheads on the wall near the couch to pretend to cry calmly and Ratigan just buried his face in his handkerchief to pretend to cry as well. Seeing this, Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua became calmly unsure and speechless while Cream, Cheese, Kiki, Jiji, and Tombo calmly became sympathetic, despite giving calm awkward looks on the five villains' fake blubbering and behavior doing that)

Morgana: (Unsure) Um, well, that is, I, uh....

Aqua: (Unsure) It's true that Morgana was a criminal like you guys a long time ago, but....

(Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch briefly stopped their fake crying and looked at Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Marina, and Aqua with fake tears in their eyes for a few seconds, and then resumed their fake crying again. After contemplating a bit, Tombo, Jiji, Cheese, and the girls then went up to the five villains in sympathy)

Tombo: (Soothingly) Hey, hey....

Megara: Boys, listen....

(The fake sobbing continued and then Tombo, Jiji, and the girls sighed in defeat, falling for the five villains' crocodile tears)

Jiji: (To Tombo, Cheese, and the girls, flatly) We're gonna regret saying this, but....

(They sighed and then looked at the five fake sobbing villains)

Tombo, Jiji, and girls: All right, we believe you!

Cheese: (Soothingly) Chao, chao!

Morgana: And, of course, we trust you.

(Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch zipped around, still pretending to cry, this time in pretend happy tears, and then hugged Morgana, Kairi, Marina, Megara, and Aqua respectively, much to their surprise, as well as Kiki, Jiji, Cream, Cheese, and Tombo's surprise)

Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch: (Pretending to cry happily) Oh, thank you! Thank you!

(But then they secretly casted aside their happy tears for a brief moment to give their own brief quiet evil chuckle, much to Kiki, Jiji, Tombo, Cream, and Cheese's secret notice that they glared in calm anger upon noticing this, for it turned out that they pretended to believe Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch's lies like Morgana, Kairi, Marina, Megara, and Aqua do, but the five skeptical heroes didn't say a word, for they want to play along to expose the truth eventually. Then after their brief quiet evil chuckle, Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch resumed pretending to cry happily as they continued to hug Morgana, Kairi, Marina, Megara, and Aqua respectively)

Vanitas: (Pretending to calmly cry happily) You don't know how much this means to us.

(Morgana, Kairi, Marina, Megara, and Aqua then calmly casted aside their calm surprised reactions and then, despite each of them giving a shrugged happy look, hugged them back. Suddenly, as soon as Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch calmly finished their pretend crying, Darkwing, Sora, Hubie, Hercules, and Terra came in, holding their own bouquet of red roses, making everyone notice)

Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra: (Unaware at first) Morgana, (Kairi,) (Meg,) (Marina,) (Aqua,) I'm sorry. I....

(Then Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra got shocked at what they're seeing)

Darkwing: (Shocked) Aye, aye, aye!

(Then the hero group greeted Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra while Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch secretly gave calm evil smug looks at Darkwing, Sora, Hubie, Hercules, and Terra)

Morgana, Kairi, Megara, Hubie, and Aqua: Darkwing. (Sora.) (Herc.) (Hubie.) (Terra.)

Kiki, Jiji, Cream, and Tombo: Hey, guys.

Cheese: (Greeting Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra) Chao, chao.

(Then Darkwing, Sora, Hubie, Hercules, and Terra approached them with angry suspicious looks while discarding their red rose bouquets)

Darkwing: (Angrily and suspiciously) What's going on here?!

Hubie: (Angrily and suspiciously) And why the heck are they here?!

Terra: (Angrily and suspiciously) In fact, why did you let them in here anyway?!

Marina: (Excitedly) You won't believe it.

Aqua: (Excitedly) Negaduck's group have given up their evil ways.

Sora: (Angrily, fists quivering) You're right. all five of us don't believe it!

Hercules: (Whispering eyeing Kiki, Jiji, Tombo, Cream, and Cheese in confusion and suspicion) What's going on here?

(Negaduck then cuts Kiki's group off before they could answer, pulling out a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates from his hat after taking his hat off)

Negaduck: Oh, but it's true.

Ratigan: We've started our own company.

Drake: Negasweets.

(Negaduck shoves the box in front of Darkwing's group's faces after putting his hat back on, much to their alarm)

Vanitas: We make Valentine candy.

Sora: (Shoving Negaduck's arm aside, angrily) Like what?

Darkwing: (Angrily) Chocolate-covered grenades?

(Darkwing's group grabbed Morgana's group by each wrist and led them to the door with Kiki's group joining them)

Darkwing: (Skeptically) Okay, Morgana, what were you, your group, and the Casanovas of crime really up to?

Morgana: (Playfully) Why, Darkwing, don't tell me. You and the rest of your group's (Speaks in a high-pitched tone) jealous!

Hercules: (Nonchalantly) Nous? Jealous of Negaduck's group?

Hubie: (To Kiki's group) But why do you guys believe them?

(Kiki's group then stepped in front of Darkwing's group to explain, their backs in front of Morgana and Negaduck's groups)

Cream: (Secretly winks at Darkwing's group) Come now, guys.

Tombo: (Secretly winks at Darkwing's group) You definitely should give them a chance.

Kiki and Jiji: (Secretly winks at Darkwing's group) Yeah.

Cheese: (Agreeing, secretly winking at Darkwing's group) Chao, chao.

(Darkwing's group then looked at Negaduck's group upon realizing why Kiki's group secretly winked at them)

Terra: (Chuckles nervously a bit) Oh, sure, they're incredibly handsome.

(Then we see Negaduck's group as they look on with proud smiles while Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch stroked their own hair a bit)

Hubie: (As Negaduck adjusts his hat, Drake and Ratigan adjusted their capes, and Pitch adjusts his coat) A bunch of snappy dressers.

Sora: (As Negaduck's group pulls out some dollars and rummaged their fingers through them) Fabulously wealthy.

(Then Darkwing's group resumed their conversation with Morgana and Kiki's groups)

Darkwing: But my group and I, on the other hand, are....

(They fall to the floor and beg on their knees, crying)

Darkwing, Sora, Hercules, Hubie, and Terra: (Crying) Desperate! Oh, please, please, please! Don't toss us aside, Morgana! (Kairi!) (Meg!) (Marina!) (Aqua!) Please, give us one more chance, we beg of you!

(They hug Morgana's group's ankles while crying. Then they stopped crying as some tears streamed down their cheeks until they composed themselves, finishing their crying)

Terra: Look, tomorrow's Valentine's Day.

Sora: We'll take you on the greatest date of your lives.

(Morgana's group looks down at them, then clasps their hands with hopeful smiles on their faces)

Morgana's group: Well.... All right.

Kairi: It's a date.

(Even Kiki's group happily agreed as Darkwing’s group got up, happy to hear that)

Kiki: That's a great idea!

Tombo: In fact, Kiki and I know the perfect place for your date, and ours!

Kiki and Cream: Yeah!

Cheese: (Happily agreeing) Chao, chao!

Jiji: (Happily agreeing) Especially involving a certain tapdancing show!

(Jiji scatted and tippy-toed danced on Kiki's shoulder before being cut off by Negaduck)

Negaduck: (Voice-over) Sure. You ten and your friends go have your fun.

(They look at Negaduck, Vanitas, Ratigan, Vanitas, Drake, and Pitch while Negaduck climbs down from the couch, pretending to be sad again)

Morgana: Look, we’re sorry, you guys.

Megara: But we have a date to attend.

Vanitas: (Shrugs briefly) Oh, sure.

Drake: We'll be just fine.

Ratigan: So what if unbearable temptations lure us back to a life of crime and degradation?!

(Negaduck's group then pretended to break down sobbing while burying their faces in their folded arms, with Ratigan including his handkerchief in his arm fold, plotting to gain sympathy. They stopped a bit as the five villains snickered darkly a bit with secret evil smirks, which Darkwing and Kiki's groups only noticed. Then Negaduck, Vanitas, Drake, Ratigan, and Pitch continued their fake sobbing. Then Morgana's group, seeing this in sympathy, perked up, having an idea)

Aqua: Hey, I know!

Marina: Why don't all fifteen of us go out?

(Darkwing's group got shocked with defiant glares)

Kiki's group: (Calmly surprised) We're what?!

Hercules: (Defiantly) You wanna bring five criminals on a date with us?

(Kiki's group elbows Darkwing's group nervously, making the five latters realize)

Megara: (Sharply) Former criminals.

Morgana: (Wiggling her fingers in the air, as if concocting magic, darkly) Or do you still think people never change?

Darkwing: Who, us? No, no, no.

Hubie: (Chuckles nervously a bit) No way.

Marina: Then let's forgive and forget.

(Then Kiki's group took Darkwing's group aside and secretly winks at them)

Kiki's group except Jiji: (Secretly winking at Darkwing's group) Let's just get along with each other.

Jiji: (Secretly winking with Kiki's group) You heard us.

Cheese: (Happily, secretly winking with Kiki's group) Chao, chao.

(Giving in to their secret winks, Darkwing's group pretended to give in, deciding to help Kiki's group secretly expose Negaduck's group's lies to Morgana's group during their date)

Darkwing's group: (Playing along) Oh, all right.

Terra: We'll all go together, chums.

(Negaduck's group pretended to compose themselves as they blinked their fake tears away and Ratigan puts his handkerchief away)

Drake: (Snickers a bit) Yeah. Let's let bygones be bygones.

Ratigan: (Smugly) From now on, we'll all be pals.

Negaduck, Vanitas, and Pitch: (Smugly) That's right, chums.

(Negaduck's group embraced Darkwing, Morgana, and Kiki's groups, as if forming a giant circle of friends)

More to come soon....